Dance Partner No. 1

by Nancy Green

My first dance partner was Rama.  South Asian, pressed jeans and all grin.  Our first dance had the awkwardness of ballroom dance class in sixth grade in the basement of Temple Emeth.  Without the white gloves.  He held me in an open embrace which felt like and probably looked like we were holding each other at arms length.

I have since learned that the invitation to dance the Argentine tango begins with the cabeceo.   A nod of the head from man to woman across a crowded room.  She accepts by holding his gaze.  The agreement to dance has been made.  He escorts her to the dance floor and offers his left hand.  They form the connection of the embrace.  The woman waits, softly shifting her weight from one foot to the other.  Ready for the invitation to move with him that she knows will come.  Though not when.

But we knew none of that.

Rama’s invitation to dance went something like this:

“Okay Nancy, let’s dooo eeet!  Okay, c’mon, ready?  Let’s dooo eeet!  Okay, let’s go.  C’mon, we go!  Nancy, we go!  Let’s dooo eeet!”

And we danced?

Copyright © 2012  Nancy Green