What To Wear?

I read a quote that said “If you see a woman over forty shopping at Forever 21, she is dancing Argentine tango.”

Too true.

Recently, I too could be seen in a similar shop that sold fashion…not of my maturity.  Or preferred number of stitches per inch.

But what could I do?  There it was, in the window.  The cutest, sexiest skirt.  White polka dots on black.  Hemline up in the front and down in the back.

Well now I’ve got the skirt, got the shoes.  But do I have the nerve and do I have the moves?

I paddled a whitewater kayak for many years.  At that time neon gear was just coming into vogue.  I remember thinking that the only people who should wear shocking pink and acid green were the really great paddlers or the really lousy ones.  You either called attention to your hair-boater moves or were in serious need of a rescue.  And needed to be found.  As a solid intermediate paddler, I wore navy.  Classic

And this brings me back to the dance floor.  Do I want to call attention to myself or do I remain in the background while I quietly and diligently practice my steps?

Heaven forbid I overdress for my talent.

By engaging in this social, sexy and intriguing dance, haven’t I already made the decision to show off?  Perhaps putting on the costume is my next step.

Decision made.  The skirt and I will make an appearance at the next milonga.

Copyright © 2012  Nancy Green