Show and Tell

At the practica (an informal practice session) the other night, we were treated to a terrific performance by some of the advanced students. After the dance, a couple of my teachers asked me if I had ever considered performing at a similar event.

Well…no. I had not considered that. Or had I?

My first response was: “Not to denigrate myself…but why would anyone want to watch me?” After all, I’m only in my seventh month–of learning the tango that is. What could I possibly demonstrate that all the students had not already seen let alone done or are doing?

My friend Melissa (who values process as much if not more than outcome) said that she would find it more interesting watching a beginner than an expert. That seeing what a beginner can do is more accessible than someone further down the road in his or her craft.

And as I know from being a longtime product designer, the process is where I experience discovery and ultimately deeper value. Not to mention joy.

I suppose that witnessing someone in the early stages of her journey is the point where you can imagine yourself in her shoes. And they are fabulous red suede t-straps!

And that showing myself, my steps, missteps and missed steps is an act of sharing as well as showing.

And in the spirit of sharing, I realized that I’ve never mentioned where I’ve been learning this intriguing dance.

I had wanted the essays to stand on their own. As pure experience. I did not want to name names of all the men I’ve stepped on. The unkempt, the sweaty. All the ones that haven’t asked me to dance. And the ones who aren’t paying attention. I am happy to report that lately, they do ask me to dance. And they are paying attention. As they/we are in the process.

The dance studio is Triangulo. The teachers and staff are wonderful and encouraging and kind. I cannot thank them enough. And it just occurred to me that the way to thank them is to accept the invitation to perform. To share with everyone what my teachers have taught and what I have learned in these seven months

So Carole, Laure and Dante, my answer is YES.


Copyright © 2012  Nancy Green