Beginner Milonga Class

by Nancy Green

Last night was milonga class.  Milonga, as well as  being a social dance event is also a style of tango, a quicker step.  A step for every beat.

I danced the first dance with my teacher.  As I was stepping on his feet on every beat I said: “You know, I find the music a little peculiar and I’m not always sure where the beat is.”

He was horrified and gave me a sort of: There’s-no-hope-for-you-and-furthermore-what-the-heck-are-you-doing-here? kind of look.  I had the feeling that if he could, he would have called the tango anti-defamation league to escort me out.

In spin class I can find the four count in “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy Bitch” more easily than music by Francisco Canaro.  I’m not used to the flourishes and nuance and pauses in tango music.  Yet.

I had no where to go after that but to close my eyes, feel the connection of the embrace, be assured that there was a four count somewhere and wait for his invitation to move.  And we danced.

Copyright © 2012  Nancy Green